Bonnie Edson

“Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!” Mark 9:24.

  • Can you relate?
  • Have you ever found yourself wanting to not only believe in Him but to trust Him with all of you?
  • To be more aware of Him in your life, to see and acknowledge His work each day?
  • To personally trust Him and live your life stepping out, having confidence to make decisions that reflect your faith in God.

I know that feeling. Wanting to live the plans that God had for me but lacking the trust to do so. Even now, after many Bible studies and being a Christian for many years, I have times of walking in faith and times of walking in circles. 

Photo of Author Bonnie Edson

In 2018 I found myself overwhelmed, perplexed and focusing way too much on me and what I could do, rather than trusting God.  With this knowledge I decided to ask God how I could increase my faith. During my prayer time I realized that gratefulness for what God had already done was helping me to see his faithfulness and grow my faith.

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Although I’m still not where I want to be in my walk of trusting God I’m definitely further along than I was. Using Grateful Faith every day helps me see where God’s being faithful and how I can trust Him more so my decisions reflect my faith.

On A Personal Note…

Bonnie and husband Lars

One of my regular points of gratitude for God’s faithfulness is for my husband of over twenty years, Lars. We currently live in South Florida with our two dogs. I love leading and participating in Bible studies and growing my relationship with my creator God.