Can Being Grateful Increase My Faith?

Can Being Grateful Increase My Faith?

Choosing to give gratitude to God helps us to recognize Him as the one who gives us all good things. It changes how we see ourselves and the world around us. This change increases our faith and is very powerful in encouraging our daily decisions be faith based.

Woman outside with arms raised as giving gratitude to God

A few years ago as Gratitude was becoming the latest buzz word, I realized I didn’t specifically say thank you for much of anything.

Of course, I said please and thank you or included gratitude in prayers said out loud at a ladies Bible study. Hey, I didn’t want to be thought of as selfish.

But actual gratitude toward God for the life I was living, the things I have, the relationships etc.?  Not so much.

The shame I felt moved me to start paying attention to what I was thankful for. Eventually I started writing them down. But even before that, I began to realize what I have and it pushed me to specifically acknowledge where it all came from.


Though I knew all the bible study stuff and yes, all good things come from God. It was finally becoming real and adjusting the way I looked at God and at my life and it started changing the way I lived.

Although there are many, here are six ways gratefulness can increase your faith:

  • Specifically acknowledging God as creator and giver of all the good you have, brings Him from the God that’s in Heaven to the God that you can have a relationship with here in your life. This starts making Him real.
  • Choosing specific things to be grateful for helps you see what God has done for you over time.
  • Seeking gratefulness changes how we feel. It humbles us.
  • It helps you see not only the big stuff in life but also the small day to day blessings. Those things you may otherwise take for granted or think are insignificant and not worthy of gratefulness.
  • As you note your gratefulness each day you begin to see the things or people that may be too important to you and are hindering your faith in God.
  • It helps put difficult times in perspective. What good is being created because of the difficulty? What was good before the difficulty that’s still there? For example, families using FaceTime to gather more often during the COVID19 quarantine than they did before.

QUESTION: What are three things you’re grateful for today?