Do You Find Strength in the LORD Your God?

Do You Find Strength in the LORD Your God?

You ever read the Bible or hear something in church or study and realize you know that you’ve heard it before but for some reason it clicks and really makes you think and maybe understand? That happened to me recently with this verse.

But David found strength in the LORD his God. 1 Samuel 30:6b

It just hit me, it’s one of those great verses – short, simple and to the point.

The best part is what immediately came before it. David and his men were staying at Ziklag and while they were gone the Amalekites had attacked and burned Ziklag and taken all the women, sons and daughters, “everyone in it from youngest to oldest.”

So his men were not happy to say the least. It says they were “bitter” and were thinking of stoning David.

“But David found strength in LORD his God.” He went to God before reacting. He trusted in his God. He asked God if he should pursue the raiders and if he would be able to overtake them.

In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, times of confusion and anger and many reactions, it is good to find strength in the LORD our God. I know there are times when I hear things or see things happening and want to react.

It can be overwhelming.

I admit not quite the same as a group of men wanting to stone you. But right now it can feel like we’re in a war. In this instance may we be like David and find strength in the LORD our God.

As Christians we have direct access to God, we can ask Him direct questions. David asked a very direct question of God. I imagine not only did He not have time, but from the passage, he didn’t have the strength to ask a long winded question either.

When we’re exhausted we can find our strength in the LORD our God. It doesn’t need to be a fancy prayer or ask, it can be simple and to the point.

And it’s a step of faith. Trusting that He will give you strength for what you’re in the middle of.

Faith in Action: Have you found strength in the LORD lately?