Email Checking Can Lead to Faith In God? Yes!

Email Checking Can Lead to Faith In God? Yes!

Even before there is a word on my tongue, behold, O LORD, you know it all.

Psalm 139:4 NASB

God knows what we have need of

If we’re choosing faith in God and are believing this verse, what can that look like in some of our most practical and daily tasks like email newsletters and magazines?

I love information, always thinking I need to know just one more thing before I actually know something enough to do it, share it or use it. Just one more email newsletter just one more magazine. I’m sure the next one will have the perfect information I need.

Ugh, it’s exhausting.

But a few years ago I started believing what this verse says. That before I ask of God, He already knows.

I need to know it ALL

Back then I was getting a bunch of weekly e-newsletters and monthly magazines. So with every read I learned how much I didn’t know and I wanted to know it all.

Because how am I supposed to be a successful business person unless I know it ALL?

Yeah, I know now that that thought process has a few holes in it. Especially when it comes to trusting God. As I continued to pray I began letting go of the thought that it was up to me.

Email & Magazines

Find faith in the daily task of Email here written in scrabble letters

I started looking at all the e-newsletters I was getting. Every day as I read my email I prayed and asked for help to unsubscribe from emails I didn’t need, that didn’t support what God wanted for me and that kept me from time with Him.

One by one I unsubscribed. Not sure how many, I didn’t keep track. It was ALOT! And it took time.

Gradually the 6″ high stack of magazines grew smaller also. As I was asking and Trusting that God would put the information in front of me, I began small. Recycling a magazine if I didn’t get to read it within a couple months. Then it got to within one month.

I was seeing information pop up when I needed it, when I could use it.  It grew my faith, a baby step of faith. Hmm, if God already knows what I need then maybe I don’t need to keep these magazines at all.

I will trust God.

It was hard. I learned how much I was idolizing information. Putting up learning as more important than God. That I needed this or that training to fulfill me instead of God himself.

I’m not saying don’t go to school or learn anything and God will take care of you. I am saying that His word tells me He already knows what I need. My focus on me getting information and learning from others was becoming an idol and helping grow my unbelief rather than growing my faith in God.

It was surprisingly emotional to toss and eventually cancel most of my magazine subscriptions and unsubscribe to the newsletters I was hooked on. I do still get a few e-newsletters from companies and organizations that I do business with or support and two magazines that I enjoy and get as gift subscriptions.


Going through this process of trusting God with my learning and information I need gave me such peace. I no longer felt that it was all up to me to become a “success”, to know everything and be perfect. I no longer felt so inadequate. And I continue to pray and ask God about what information I really need to bring into my email and home.

This simple process allowed me to feel some of the love that God has for me as an imperfect human who makes mistakes and is forgiven and loved by her creator.

If you’re like me, an information junkie, I hope you take a moment and reflect about all the information you’re receiving and ask God if it’s the information you need. Here’s a link to Psalm 139 if you’re interested in reading the whole thing.

Faith in Action: What is one small thing that God already knows you need that you can trust God with and let go of, even just a little?